Monday, October 1, 2007

Halo 3 stole my life for the weekend

Normally on weekends I try to get out and take some pictures. It's calming, peaceful, and I get some much needed exercise. However not this past weekend. Like hundreds of thousands of others, Halo 3 owned me for the weekend.

Great game! I normally don't care about the story in games, but with Halo 3 you can't help but be drawn into it. It was like reading a good book. I didn't want to put it down until I had finished it... which I did in two days. And I liked the fact that it was a relatively short game. As I get older, I don't really want games that I have to invest more than a couple of weeks of my time to finish. The great thing about Halo 3 is that even though I have completed the single player game, there are thousands of Halo 3 matches on Xbox Live just waiting for me if I want to get a quick gaming fix in.

I had ordered the 'Limited Edition' version. It cost $10 more than the regular version and came with a few extra goodies and a metal case. It also came with real shoddy case with poorly designed disc nubs to hold the discs in place during shipment. The result was that many of the 'Limited Edition' boxes arrived with scratched discs. In fact, it was so many that Microsoft implemented a free disc exchange program to replace the discs at no cost (other than shipping costs to Microsoft). The catch, if you didn't guess, is that you have to send your discs away to Microsoft in order to get them replaced. Microsoft claims a 2-week turnaround once they receive the disc(s), but that's two weeks that people wouldn't have had to wait if Microsoft had just invested in quality packaging instead of taking the cheap path. They're making a bundle on this game anyways... and they should because it's a great game!

Scratched disc issue aside, I can't recommend spending the extra $10 on the 'Limited Edition' version of the game. There's just not anything very exciting on the second disc. Interesting, yes... but it's not something that I would pay $10 for. If you are a serious Halo fanatic, go for the Legendary Edition which includes a whole lot of geeky goodness (yes, I'm a geek too)! Otherwise, I recommend the regular version.

Enough about gaming. I just wanted to let everyone know why I had not made any posts over the past few days.

A quick teaser... I'm doing some volunteer work this coming weekend for the FONZ Photo Club at a National Zoo special event for FONZ members. I'll post some details this week.

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