Monday, September 24, 2007

And we're back!

After a little more downtime than was expected (mostly waiting for DNS to propogate), we're back up on the new web host, HostGator.

The staff at HostGator really are top notch. I ran into a problem where I needed a higher version of MySQL to get the site working again. I opened a live chat with someone from the technical support team at approximately 1:30am early this morning. Within a minute, a friendly representitive was in the chat with me and referred me to sales and provided me with their email address.

I emailed Sales at 1:50am and explained that I needed to be upgraded to a higher version of MySQL. I received a response 10 minutes later explaining that they would need to move me to a different server. They said that they could move my files to the new server for me, or they could create a fresh blank account. I opted for the second option since I had a few things that I wanted to do differently. They had my site created within 15 minutes from the time that I responded.

That's what I call service! They had my issue completely resolved in less than an hour from the time that I first contacted them. After that experience, I will gladly refer my friends to HostGator when they are looking for a web host.

I can't say that I received that level of service from my previous web host. They lure you in with a price that's too good to be true, and then you find out that the network reliability is not very good and their technical support staff take days to respond to your issues. No thanks!

Oh... and while I was going through this migration to a new host, I also updated the site to WordPress 2.3.

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