Monday, September 29, 2008

Microsoft MCDST certification

I have been devoting a lot of my time over the past couple months to getting my MCDST certification. Today I passed the first of two exams needed for that certification. The MCDST certification is for a new IT job which I will be starting soon.

Updates will probably continue to be slow as I hit the books for the second exam. If I focus, I should be ready for the test in about a month. I could probably use a fast track method to be ready sooner, but I'm going to be expected to know this stuff and I would look pretty stupid if I didn't. A lot of people are book smart, but book smart doesn't always cut it... you have to have experience so you know how to handle the situation when it comes up in the real world.

On the photography front... I have been dabbling in HDR. Real HDR... not the fake HDR using single image in Lightroom that I posted about earlier. I don't have any images to share just yet, but I'll post something soon.

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