Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Switched From Wordpress To Blogger

Google sure doesn't seem to want to make it easy for Wordpress users to switch to Blogger.

I just went through the tedious process of copying and pasting all of the posts from my self-hosted Wordpress blog over to this Blogger blog. As expected, several posts will need to be fixed where a Wordpress plugin was used, but I've got the frustrating part done now by manually copying all of my posts over.

Google really needs to make it a high priority to create an import tool that imports blog exports from Wordpress, TypePad, and other competitors if they want people to switch. I have read comments from several others wanting to switch from Wordpress to Blogger, but Blogger's lack of a tool to import Wordpress exports is preventing them from doing so. I should be able to export my blog from any blog service and import it into any other blog service. It should be portable and easy to switch. Instead, it is anything but.

I will probably point my personal URL to this blog in a week or so and then get rid of Wordpress and cancel my hosted service.

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