Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Fantasy Football Team

We had our draft for my Fantasy Football league last night. I've got to say, while functional... I was not impressed with the official NFL Fantasy Football draft website. It was very bland looking (there were two colors... black... and you guessed it... white) and the chat application had some lag and really tiny text. I think next year I will try one of the other fantasy football sites, like EA, ESPN, or Yahoo. I want something

Now, I present to you... the Crazed Meerkats:

Brett Farve (QB) - Jets
Clinton Portis (RB) - Redskins
Kevin Smith (RB) - Lions
Santana Moss (WR) - Redskins
Chris Chambers (WR) - Chargers
Lee Evans (WR) - Bills
Chris Cooley (TE) - Redskins
Josh Brown (K) - Rams
Patriots (DEFENSE)

Philip Rivers (QB) - Chargers
DeAngelo Williams (RB) - Panthers
Vincent Jackson (WR) - Chargers
Owen Daniels (TE) - Texans
Chiefs (DEFENSE)

Even with the disappointing site, I had a lot of fun picking my players. I'm looking forward to the coming weeks to see how my team does.

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