Monday, June 9, 2008

3G iPhone announced today

To no surprise, Apple announced the 3G iPhone today. I remember waiting in line for a few hours to get my iPhone the day it was released approximately one year ago today. It has easily been my favorite and most useful gadget that I have ever purchased, although I can't get a signal inside my home without running to a window on the opposite side of the house. Damn you AT&T! I had excellent reception in the same location when I had Verizon. But life's not perfect. I could get a signal repeater but it's just been a minor inconvenience. If I had to go outside to take a call then it would be a different story.

The 3G iPhone has everything that my current iPhone has PLUS the 3G speeds and built-in GPS. The 3G network speeds are nice, but the built-in GPS is what I am really looking forward to!

It will be interesting to see how the GPS can be used. Obviously, it can be utilized with the iPhone's Google Maps software. But can it be used for geotagging photos? I hope that if it is possible that someone create an iPhone program to do so. That would be worth it's weight in gold!

The only real thing that I feel is lacking now is an SD memory card slot. As it is now, there is no way to add additional memory. If you want more memory then you have to purchase a new iPhone with a higher capacity (if there even is one). That doesn't seem like a huge deal now, but once the iPhone apps are released I suspect that they can fill up the memory fast, leaving less room for your music and videos. And a file browser (sorry... that's two things).

I am disappointed that they chose plastic for the back of the case rather than aluminum used on the current iPhone. The aluminum was a draw because it can be easily recycled.

I am also interested to find out what people are to do with their perfectly good 1st gen iPhone that is being replaced. I think that Apple should create a way for iPhone owners to disable the phone features to convert their iPhone to an iPod Touch for use without phone/data service. It's basically the same equipment. I'd like to give my iPhone to my sister once I upgrade. She needs a good iPod, but has no use for an iPhone since she is locked into a contract already with another phone carrier.

The 3G iPhone will be released on July 11 and requires a 2-year contract with AT&T.

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